A new blog

As I was approaching my 50th birthday, I decided to take up running. In the eight-plus years since, I’ve run numerous races but have never had a consistency to my running. I’ll run a few weeks with a plan and then something will get in the way (the weather, family, lack of motivation, whatever) and I’ll make an excuse not to run. Then after I go a week or two without once putting on my running shoes, I’ll make an announcement that I’ve got to go running today, and I’ll huff and puff my way to three or four miles. And I’m back on my way.

In September, I ran a half marathon near Great Smoky Mountains National Park¬†and was disappointed with my time. I didn’t train enough. Period. Three weeks later, I ran another half marathon, this time in Fort Wayne, Ind. Again, I was disappointed in my time. In between the two half marathons, I ran a total of three times, and my longest run was 7.59 miles, hardly the ideal training for a half marathon.

So this blog is my attempt to keep myself on the right track, so to speak. I plan to write run and write regularly about my running.


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