River City Rat Race

Sunday (Oct. 23) was the 17th annual River City Rat Race. My wife and I walked the first one, even though at that time walking wasn’t encouraged. A few dozen people participated then, including renowned running author Hal Higdon. It was a 10K event for runners.

Sunday’s event attracted close to 1,500 people. There was both and 5K and a 10K option. Many people walked. The local Girls on the Run chapter was there. It was a party.

I did the the 10K option and finished in just over 68 minutes. My PR in the event is closer to 60 minutes. Since my last half marathon (on Oct. 1), I’ve been much more consistent in my training. I’ve run nearly every-other day ranging in distance for three miles to six. I’m not going to let up my training though I have yet to sign up for another race yet this year. A couple of Veterans Day races are planned for Nov. 12, and since I’m a veteran (US Amy, 1976-1980), I think I’ll enter one of them. Also, there is Thanksgiving coming up, and I love running on that day. Last year, our family ran in Edison Park, an area of Northwest Chicago near where my wife grew up. That race was strictly a fun run and there were probably a couple thousand people running and walking.

Speaking of Chicago, I’ll be rooting for the Cubs to win the World Series.



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