Night running

Shuba and I went for an evening run Tuesday (Oct. 25) at Shoaff Park in Fort Wayne. I had not run since Sunday’s River City Rat Race, and Shuba, our 13-year-old German shorthair pointer needed to get out.

Shuba, probably the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet (unless you’re a squirrel, bunny or cat).

Normally, I don’t like to run in the dark. I have a fear of clipping my toe on a crack in the pavement and falling. A few years ago while walking in our neighborhood, I got caught up in some vines that had grown onto the sidewalk and I tripped and smacked my front teeth on the sidewalk. Fortunately for me, I didn’t break my teeth again (I broke my two front teeth when I flipped over the front of my bicycle while I was in Uncle Sam’s Army when I was 19 or 20). But if I was going to run Tuesday, I would have to be after dark.

Shoaff Park has a nice 2-mile or so paved path around the park. One side, next to the golf course, is a newly paved road open just to pedestrians and bicyclists. The other side, away from the golf course, is open to motor vehicles, but only one way. The park has a 15 mph speed limit. After a quick stop in the restroom, Shuba and I were on our way.

We covered the area next to the golf course and crossed the entrance road to the park and headed along to other side, next to a couple of open field (one of which is a disk golf course). When I got to where the paved road entered a small section of woods, I decided to turn around and head back. As I was running along, I thought I saw bike headlights up aways. But as the road curved, I realized what I thought were bike headlights were really lights at the golf course pro shop. At night, lights play tricks with your eyes.

I finished just shy of three miles. I would have liked to go farther, but I was okay with the run. There were few people in the park, and while the park doesn’t technically close until 11 p.m. I didn’t want a cop stopping me, so I decided to head home.

In addition to training my body with the run, I’m also breaking in new shoes. I bought a pair of Altras last Tuesday, and now have run about nine miles in them. I have a few blisters on the tops of the my toes and on the backs of my heels, places I often get blisters when I start running in new shoes.

Week-old Altra running shoes

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