Heavy legs

Today (Oct. 29), Shuba and I went out for a four-mile run. It was an unseasonably warm day, and I took Shuba rather than water. I generally like to run along the Rivergreenway with Shuba because it’s narrow enough that I can keep her close to me and for whatever reason there doesn’t seem to be many squirrels. (Shuba will take of in pursuit of squirrels, and she’s tripped me when she’s cut across my path to chase a squirrel, even on a leash.) The downside of the direction I ran today: no fountains.

I generally run faster with Shuba at my side. I have to run faster to keep up with her. I like having her as a running companion, particularly on cooler days. Today was not a cooler day and my running faster left me struggling to complete my four miles. In fact, I ended up walking much of mile No. 4.

My legs felt heavy today. I don’t know if that was from running a bit faster than I wanted, being a bit dehydrated or not fully recovered from Thursday’s five-mile run. Maybe it was a combination of all three.

Shuba sleeps with the Bible.

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