When nature calls

Monday, I left on what was planned to be a three-mile run. Less than a half-mile into the run the urge to go to the bathroom came on strong. Really strong.

I was in a city park and I knew I would get to a restroom in about a mile. Ha! It’s November, and the city closes most public restrooms in November. I had two choices. Run to the golf course clubhouse more than a mile away and hope it’s open, or return to the car, which was also more than a mile away. I chose to go back to the car. I need to be somewhere by 11:30 and a run to the golf course would have left me ever farther the car, adding a couple of extra miles to my run and forcing me to miss my appointment.

This was not the kind of urge that I could have taken care of by ducking behind a tree. I wasn’t carrying an entrenching tool (Army talk for a small shovel) to bury my waste. Plus, it was a city park.

What do other people do when the urge to sh*t takes over shortly into a run and there is nowhere to go?

This is not the first time this has happened. As winter approaches, I’ll have to plan my runs differently by making sure I pass fast-food joints. I find they’re great for ducking into to use the restroom, whether it’s No. 1 or No. 2. Larger grocery stores usually have clean restrooms too.

I usually make sure I’ve done a No. 2 before I leave the house. Monday, I didn’t. Sometimes, even after a bowel movement, I still need to go shortly after I start running.

Monday, I ended driving to a nearby Wal-Mart to go.

Running in late fall through mid-spring means most public restrooms in Fort Wayne city parks are closed. Port-a-jons are sometimes available.

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