Running and geochaching

When I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, I wanted it to use it as a way to keep myself on task with my running. I’ve had fairly good success. Monday I ran just under 3 miles (thanks to the need to go to the restroom I cut the run short lest I sh*t my pants). Today, I ran 5 miles with Shuba. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that Shuba is our 13-year-0ld German shorthair pointer. She seems to know two speeds: Sleep and go.


When I run with Shuba, I tend to run faster than when I run by myself, though she’ll plant herself to pee, causing me to pull short. I fear I’ll pull a muscle one of these days when she does that.

Our run today was a straight out and back  — 2 1/2 miles out, 2 1/2 miles back. I won’t bore you with my slow times, and I have no photos from the run. That’s the thing about my runs, I generally just run. I carry my phone, which doubles as my time and distance keeper, but I rarely stop and take pictures with it. I did take a few shot when I crossed the Little River near Townsend, Tennessee, while running the Great Smoky Mountains Half in September.

Little River near Townsend, Tenn.
Every name of every entrant for the Great Smoky Mountain Half Marathon is somewhere on this piece of art. At the Grand Tetons Half, the names were in the shape of Grand Tetons National Park.

One of the things I like to do besides running is geochaching with my family. Geocaching, for the unfamiliar, is basically a treasure hunt. You get GPS coordinates for a cache, and then using a GPS device and the clues you find the cache. My son is well on his way to 200 caches found in a little over a year since we introduced him to geocaching. I have just over 100 finds.

We’ve geocached in city parks, mall parking lots, college campuses, state parks and downtown areas. We went to see the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians play in Detroit at the end of September and found two caches near Comerica Park. We went out to Colorado in August and found caches out there. My wife and son drove over to Ohio yesterday for a class my son’s taking and found a cache on the way home.

When I run, I don’t geochache. I compartmentalize my running and rarely do anything else besides run, though I have run to a store and met my wife there. Some people literally run errands. My errands rarely run. They’re more likely bicycled.

We found this while geocaching in Colorado. I won’t say where because that would spoil the fun.
Geocaching at a state park in Indiana. Again, I won’t say where because I don’t want to spoil the fun.
The easiest geochache you’ll ever find.

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