Holiday run streak

Since Thanksgiving, I’ve run at least a mile every day, except today, so far. I first saw the idea of a holiday run streak (run at least a mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day) in a blog on the Runner’s World Facebook page. I normally just three times a week. Jeff Galloway says running every day just adds junk miles.

In January, I began a similar run streak — run 30 minutes a day — then I tripped over a curb, landed on my knee and elbow and decided not to run till the pain went away. I wasn’t even running when I tripped. I was crossing a downtown street. My eye must’ve seen the wheelchair cut in the curb and told my foot that it didn’t need to raise itself and I tripped.

Anywho, I’m attempting another such streak this holiday season. So far, it’s been pretty good. Shuba has gone out with me every day but Thanksgiving, when I ran 5 miles. I had just run a 5K the Saturday before and another 5K the Saturday before that, so I decided against entering the 4-mile race at the University of Saint Francis on Thanksgiving. Gotta save money someplace, right? So I ended up running 5 miles Thanksgiving morning before we drove down to my sister’s house in central Indiana.

On Friday, I ran just a mile. Saturday, it was 2, Sunday, 3 and Monday, 2.4. Today I plan to run just a mile.

That’s me in red at the Fort Wayne Runners Club Turkey Trot 5K race on Nov. 19 at Fox Island County Park. It was my first trail run of the year.

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