Still streaking

Okay, it’s been only a week and a day since I started my Holiday Run Streak. Thursday’s run was a blustery 5 miles. I went out in shorts, as usual, with a stocking cap, gloves and two longsleeve tech shirts over a shortsleeve tech shirt. I had read somewhere in the 90in9 blog that it’s best to dress for the second mile, rather than the first. Thanks for the advice, Tanya.

I was warm enough.

Canada geese are frequent visitors to Lakeside Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The geese rarely migrate anymore and spend the winter in city parks and open areas near subdivision ponds.

Friday’s run was just 1.3 miles. I decided not to press my luck with tough runs two days in a row. It was still pretty cold out, though not nearly as blustery. Plus, thanks to the heavy cloud cover, my phone had a hard time finding the GPS satellites. That’s one of the downsides of technology. My previous phone would frequently freeze up if I ran through a WiFi zone. Sometimes, it seemed as if the static electricity from my running shirt would shut down the run tracking app I was using. My current phone doesn’t freeze, but there have been a few times where it’ll stop tracking my workout, especially if I get more than one phone call while I’m running.

Anywho, the phone eventually found its GPS satellites and I ran my 1.3 miles with Shuba.

Thursday, I decided to post a couple pictures on the #RunChatHunt on Twitter. The idea is that from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, post pictures from your runs from a list of items on a scavenger hunt. Here’s the list.


I posted the above picture of the Canada geese and a picture of the St. Joseph River (below), less than a mile from where it meets with the St. Marys River to form the Maumee. There are two St. Joseph Rivers that flow through northern Indiana. They both come up near Hillsdale, Michigan. Our St. Joseph flows southwest through Ohio and into Indiana, where at Fort Wayne it meets the St. Marys to form the Maumee. The Maumee goes back to Ohio and empties into Lake Erie in Toledo.

The other St. Joseph River flows across southern Michigan then dips south into Indiana before curving back north into Michigan to its end at Lake Michigan at St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, Michigan. South Bend (home of the University of Notre Dame) got its name because it’s on the south bend of the St. Joe.

The St. Joseph River in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Enough geography lessons. How is your running going? How do others deal with the cold of December and the approaching winter?


One thought on “Still streaking

  1. You are welcome, Mike. One thing that got me with the change to cold was I forgot to wear a scarf on Wednesday and went on a pretty fast run. (My sister’s fault; I would have been happy putzing along.) Anyway, all that cold air shooting through my sinuses really gave me a serious drainage/sinus pressure issue for the next 24 hours or so. So today I wore a scarf around my face and then discovered I didn’t really need it. Oh well.


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