Running tired

I kept my Holiday Run Streak alive Sunday with a 2-mile run along the Rivergreenway in Fort Wayne. It felt like a laborious 2 miles. On Saturday, I ran 3.5 miles. Friday, it was 1.3 miles and Thursday 5 miles. Remember, I had not run more than two days in a row since January, when I last attempted a run streak. (On that streak, it was 30 minutes a day and then I tripped, banged up an elbow and knee and decided to stop running while the pain went away.)

The Rivergreenway in Fort Wayne is part of the National Recreation Trail.

Sunday was hard. I thought Shuba and I were running slowly, but I actually ran faster than Saturday, if I’m to believe the GPS on my phone. But then, Saturday, I stopped and took some pictures of the ice rink at Headwaters Park and folks playing hockey. (The rink is way smaller than a regulation hockey rink and it has no glass behind the goals. Normally, when the rink is open to the public, it’s not open for hockey.) In looking at the numbers, my first two miles Saturday were considerably faster than the third (when I stopped to take pictures without turning off the timing device of my phone).

An ice hockey game Saturday morning at Headwaters Park

So Sunday’s run was slower and harder. I think there are a few factors to consider.

  1. Sleep. I don’t know that I got enough sleep Saturday night. I worked until 1 a.m. then got up about 9 to go to church. I didn’t get to bed until a few minutes after 2.
  2.  Food. I had been eating nothing more than a piece of fruit in the mornings before I ran and then fixed a bowl of steel-cut oat after the run. Sunday, I had a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches about 45 minutes before I ran, so maybe my blood was being diverted to digest those rather than go to my legs.
  3. The cold. For several days now, I’ve been running in temperatures 40 degrees F or colder in shorts. I beginning to think I need to stop being so macho and start running in long underwear or jogging pants. I don’t know that it’s cold enough yet for long underwear, though.

There you have it. I could be feeling fatigued for an entirely different reason. Maybe my brain was telling me that it would rather I sit on the couch and watch the Packers play than going out on a cold overcast day to run. Shuba doesn’t care about the Packers. Packers won Sunday 21-13 over the Houston Texas. Keeps both Packers and Colts alive for playoff berths.



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