First snow

My Holiday Run Streak has now reached 14 days. That’s probably the most consecutive days I’ve run since I was in Uncle Sam’s Army more than 35 years ago. And even then, I don’t know that I ever ran a dozen straight days.

It’s Wednesday and I did two runs in less than 24 hours. Tuesday’s run was in the gloaming. Today’s run was this morning before breakfast.

Sunday we had our first significant snowfall since last spring. The weather service measures snowfall since July 1. I just checked the National Weather Service website and apparently we had a record 2.7 inches of snowfall Sunday. Our total since July 1 is 2.8 inches.

I saw this little guy when I was out running Tuesday evening, but it was too dark to get a good photo with my smartphone. The snow man was still there Wednesday morning.

My run Sunday came before the snow began, and my run Monday came after any snow on the pavement melted and the pavement dried. It hasn’t been cold long enough for any of the snow to stick around.

Monday night, I came across this story about squats. I’ll admit, I’m terrible about strength training. I go in spurts where I’ll get out my dumbbells and do some lifting for a few weeks, then not do any for months. It has been months since I last did any strength training. And as an older runner (I’m 58), I know that if I don’t use my muscles, I’ll lose ’em. And there are days when I wake up and I feel weak, so I’m thinking of adding squats and planks to my daily routine. Leah Wynalek, the same Prevention magazine editor who took squats  breaks in her office, also did planks breaks in the office. I have started a plank challenge in the past but never finished it. I’m good at starting something, terrible at finishing.

I don’t have an office at work. I have a workstation in the middle of an open room. I’m not about to get down on the filthy carpet and do planks or do squats. I’ll do them in the privacy of my own home.

What kind of strength training routines do other runners out there do?


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