Fighting to keep streak alive

I’ll admit, I really didn’t want to change into my running clothes and head out the door Friday. It’s cold out there. I worked late Thursday night and got up early to go on a school visit with my son.

After we got home, I changed, grabbed Shuba’s leash and we headed out the door. The streak is at 16 days. My legs are starting to feel the wear and tear of running that many consecutive days. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a pain in my lower left leg. It felt as if someone drilled a hole in my shin. The pain quickly subsided and I fell back asleep.

I’m signed up to run the Gingerbread Pursuit 4-miler Saturday morning. After that, I’ll reassess whether it’s worth keeping up the streak. Of course, I only need to run a mile a day to keep up the streak. Every day but one, I’ve gone more than a mile. Even Friday, with a 4-mile race on Saturday, I ran 1.6 miles. I took a couple of breaks. Shuba stopped to poop about a third of a mile into the run, and I always pick up after her when she poops. Who wants that in their yard or on their sidewalk?

I also had to stop to cross a couple of busy streets. I drove past a couple of holiday inflatables in the neighborhood and decided to run down that street to get their photo. They were deflated when I went by.

It took me longer than normal to get into any kind of groove. Maybe it was the running on a sidewalk. Maybe it was stopping less than a mile in so Shuba could do her business. Maybe it was the cold. Maybe it was I’m just tired of the running streak right now. Oh well, I have a race to run tomorrow.

A few years ago, the city parks department decided to stop allowing skating on its outdoor ponds. The ice was no longer getting thick enough, they said. Even during the winter of polar vortexes, the ponds never opened for skating.

Last year, the parks department came up with a solution that satisfied some, but certainly not all. It built a temporary rink over the basketball court. Today, as I was running through the park, I saw that a crew was in the park building the temporary rink.

Crews build a temporary ice rink at Lakeside Park.
When the red flag is up and the red light is on, the ice is unsafe.
The no fun pond?



2 thoughts on “Fighting to keep streak alive

  1. You’re right, it has made the holiday season more fun. I felt great today. The cold didn’t bother me. None of the aches and pains that I’ve been feeling were there. And I ran fast (at least for me).


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