It’s been too long …

… Since I’ve run or blogged. I ran a 4-mile race last Saturday (Dec. 10) and then when I woke up Sunday, we had a ton of snow on the ground. When I got home from church, I got a call from work and they wanted us in early. Sunday was the day we were planning to put up our Christmas tree, which I helped start then headed off to work. The excuses just pile up from there.

The start of the Gingerbread Pursuit in downtown Fort Wayne on Dec. 10. I’m in the red shirt.

I guess as the temperature has dropped outside, my motivation to go out has dropped. I hit a similar lull a year ago, though it started immediately after Thanksgiving and continued until New Year’s Day. This year I had hoped that by committing a Holiday Run Streak I would find the motivation to go out when the cold set in. Wrong. I look out and see the snow and ice and think I’ll stay inside where it’s warm and run tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to get above freezing and we’re supposed to be getting rain. That ought to make for a slushy mess. It might also be freezing rain, which means more ice.

What gets other runners out the door when the mercury drops to near zero Fahrenheit? And the wind-chill is in the neighborhood of minus-20 Fahrenheit? Eventually cabin fever will set in and I’ll get my arse off the couch and out into the cold. I hope to run some this next week, even if it’s not another daily run streak.

I started this blog to help motivate me and keep me honest in my running. I was disappointed in my performance in the two half marathons I ran this fall (one in September in Townsend, Tennessee, and one in October in Fort Wayne, Indiana) three weeks apart from each other. I did too few long runs in the weeks leading up to those races, so I decided I needed to be honest with myself and my training if I’m to enter a half marathon, and I hope a full marathon, in 2017.

I ran more races in 2016 than in any other year. And while I don’t believe I set any PRs this year, I was fairly satisfied with my results, minus the half marathons. Though I believe with more consistent training, my times would have been much lower in at least a few of the races.

In 2016, I joined the Fort Wayne Running Club and participated in nine of the club’s points races. I also ran in several other races that were not club points races. I hope to get a race report blog out soon.


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