Too long without blogging

Today, Jan. 24, marks my first running blog of 2017. I have been a mess running since Shuba died. I’ve run a bit since, but a bug wiped me out the Tuesday after Christmas, then every time I ran after, I felt as if I had lost all of my fitness.

I think I’ve gained close to 10 pounds since Shuba’s death. I don’t know that it was comfort eating, as much as inactivity. I got out my bike last Tuesday for the first time this year and rode just a few miles, but at the end I felt really winded. Then I ran 3 miles Saturday on an unusually warm January day (temp in the 50s Fahrenheit). I rode my bike again Sunday (60 degrees) and ran another 3 miles today (40 degrees).

I did not feel as winded Saturday as I had the previous times I hit the road since Christmas. Then Sunday, my bike ride was not as uncomfortable as the previous Tuesday. And today’s run, after a week first half mile, didn’t feel too bad. I actually felt as if I was flying. OK, I don’t really fly when I run. I run slow.

I haven’t been completely inactive. My son and I have spent most days of the new year geocaching. For the uninitiated, geocaching involves using a GPS device and finding hidden treasure.

Sunday, after my bike ride for exercise, we loaded our bikes onto the car and drove over to IPFW and road around campus looking for geocaches.

Today, we visited the Little Rivers Wetlands Project headquarters to say goodbye to the education director who’s leaving for a job at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Our family volunteers as trail guides for education programs at Eagle Marsh, the Littler Rivers Wetlands Project’s largest property. My son and I decided to search for some geocaches in the area near Eagle Marsh afterward.

We had some success, finding all six geocaches we looked for.

A geocache container could be large enough for tradeables and trackables in addition to the logbook.
Or the geocache container could be so small it contains nothing more than a log to sign.



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