First race of the new year

Saturday (Feb. 4), I ran in the Fanny Freezer 5K, the first race of 2017. I ran about 10 seconds slower than a year. I think two things contributed to my slower time.

I wore my Run Ranger Run shirt for the Fanny Freezer.
  1. It was cold. The high temperature Saturday was 33 with a pretty strong wind. A year ago, it was much warmer (I think) and little wind. I showed off my milky white legs last year by running in shorts.
  2. I had trained better leading up to the race. I don’t know why, but I’ve let my training slip since mid-December. But then a year ago, I don’t think I ran more than twice between Thanksgiving 2015 and New Year’s Day 2016. This year, I started a holiday run streak from Thanksgiving 2016 until the day I ran the Gingerbread Pursuit 4-miler on Dec. 10, 2016. From that point through mid-January, I did very little running. Even though we had unseasonably warm January, I rarely got off the couch and out the door.
  3. I’m heavier today than a year ago. In recent months, I’ve become reliant on the car rather than my own two feet or my bicycle to get from Point A to Point B, but I’m still eating as if I’m using my own power to transport myself, thus I’m consuming more calories than I’m eating and getting heavier.
The Fanny Freezer is a two-lap race around the golf course at Shoaff Park in Fort Wayne. I’m near the end of the first lap when this photo was taken.
Richard, a fellow Team RWB member took this picture as I neared the finish line.

Now it’s time to become more active. Yesterday, my wife, son and I walked to church. Though we don’t go to the same church, we walked to church together (our churches are near each other). Afterward, we walked home and then downtown to see a Fort Wayne Youtheatre play, Remembering Anne, a story about Anne Frank. I left the theater an walked to work. They walked home.

At work, we had a carry-in for Superb Owl Sunday. The Falcons lost to the Cheetahs (Patriots) in overtime. I probably had a few too many tortilla chips last night. I know I shouldn’t eat them, but darn they’re good.

My Superb Owl Sunday owl, a northern saw-whet owl at Indiana Dunes State Park.

Despite all the walking I did Sunday (I estimate I walked between 5 and 6 miles), I probably did not come close to burning all the excess calories from all the tortilla chips I ate.

Enough talk. Now it’s time to run.



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