Rainy run

Today (Tuesday, Feb. 7), my plan was to run an easy two miles after running a fairly hilly three on Monday and with a plan to run five on Wednesday evening.

Well, a thunderstorm (yes, a thunderstorm in February) woke me about 5 a.m this morning. It was still raining about 9, when I went to hardware store to pick up some items for around the house, and at noon, when I decided a little rain wasn’t going to melt me. I wrapped my phone up in a plastic bag the newspaper came in (yes, I still subscribe to the¬†local newspaper, and you should too) and headed out the door.Sometimes, two miles aren’t so easy. My feet were soaked and my shoes were rubbing against the back of my ankle, bringing up a small blister. I never quite got comfortable during the run and was somewhat unsatisfied with the run.

Early in the run, rain came down really hard. Midway, it stopped running completely. On the walk home after I had finished the two miles, more hard rain. I wasn’t feeling it — the runner’s high or whatever it is.

By early afternoon, the rain had stopped and my geocaching partner and I decided to look for some at Kreager Park, a park a few miles east of our house. We parked the car, turned on the GPS and discovered we were less than 200 feet from a cache. We walked over, looked in a pine tree, and there it was, wedged between a couple of branches. Our first of five finds of the day.

Kreager Park in Fort Wayne has numerous geocaches, though none near this small pond where some Canada geese were frolicking.

Today was a milestone day for me in my geocaching, as I found my 200th cache since I took up geocaching after a 10-year break. My late father-in-law introduced us to geocaching, and my wife and I set up an account at geocaching.com. We got a GPS and found 9 caches, some here in Indiana and some in Colorado where my wife’s parents lived. Life took over and we drifted away from geocaching.

In the summer of 2015 while we were at Grand Tetons National Park, I met a young woman wearing a geocaching T-shirt. I asked her if she geocached and she said she did. Soon after we got back from the Tetons, I re-registered as a geocahcer, trying to use the name we had used early in the century. Unfortunately, the email address we used back then no longer exists, so I was new geocacher. We introduced the activity to our son, and he has been fairly avid about geocaching since. He found his 250th cache today.

The most basic piece of equipment for geocaching is a handheld GPS device.

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