Snowy run, indoor run

Here in Northeast Indiana, we have had some weird weather this winter. In the week before Christmas, the temperatures hovered between zero and the teens Fahrenheit. After a really cold first week of January, temperatures stayed above normal. We got less than an inch and a half of snow, but got 4.7 inches of rain.

Wednesday, we got 2.4 inches of snow.

More than 2 inches of snow fell Wednesday in Fort Wayne. In January, Fort Wayne received about 1.5 inches of snow.

My family and I went to Toledo, Ohio, Wednesday morning for a homeschool program my son participates in. And as we left Toledo, the snow started to fall. We wanted to be back by 4:30 so my son could get to his comedy class and I could get to my running appointment near the Parkview Family Y. Under normal conditions, we left Toledo in plenty of time. When we got to Defiance, Ohio, the snow was really coming down and sticking. By the time we got home, I needed a brush to clear the other car of all the snow that had accumulated. I drove up to the Y, met Richard and we ran a couple of laps around Salomon Farm Park, about 3.5 miles. I had wanted to run 5, but I got to the Y a half hour late and each of us needed to be elsewhere, so we halted after two laps and headed our separate ways.

Richard and me at the end of our snowy run Wednesday.

Today, Thursday, much of the pavement is covered in ice. I do not like to run on ice. I have this fear of falling, and avoid ice whenever I can. I decided to drive to the Jorgensen YMCA, another of the many Y branches in Fort Wayne, and run laps on the indoor track. One lap is an eighth of a mile. I ran 21 laps in 30 minutes. I’m not a big fan of running laps on a track. I have no sense of how fast or how slow I’m running. I just know how often other runners lapped me and how often I lapped walkers.

Friday’s forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 30s or lower 40s, which means most of Wednesday’s snow will soon be gone, and I’ll run outdoors tomorrow.

For the Run Ranger Run challenge, I have recorded 27.11 miles. I have recorded miles each day of February. Every day this month I’ve run, except Superb Owl Sunday (Feb. 5) when I walked 5 miles.



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