4-mile run then a few geocaches

I’ll admit it, I’ve caught the geocaching bug. I went out Sunday (Feb. 12) and ran four miles then went geocaching, finding all three caches I looked for.

The entrance to Lindenwood Cemetery on West Main Street

First the run. I went over to Swinney Park and from there ran to Lindenwood Cemetery. The cemetery, one of the oldest in Fort Wayne, holds some of Fort Wayne’s earliest movers and shakers. It’s also huge, 175 acres. It’s also fairly hilly. So I ran from Swinney over to this unnamed street that runs between Jefferson Boulevard and Main Street. The street seems to have one purpose, access to a bowling alley. I ran down that street to Main and from Main into the cemetery.


I ran the outer perimeter of the cemetery and then back to the entrance and up Main to a street that connects Main with Swinney Park but only on foot or by bicycle because a flood wall was built some years ago to prevent cars from going through. When I was kid, we lived north of Swinney Park and when my dad drove us to the park, we went down that street and entered from that entrance.

In February, the water is turned off. No toilets or drinking fountains.

Well, I returned to the park from the cemetery through that north entrance and was about one-third of a mile shy of completing four miles, so I followed the road around past the parking lot where I had parked and ended up by the swimming. Or should I say what used to be the swimming pool.

Many years ago, the city decided to “temporarily” close that pool. Of the four city-owned pools, it had by far the smallest attendance, so to save money, the pool was closed for a summer. Then another. Then another. Until finally a decision was made to make the closure permanent. I looked around as I cooled off from the run and snapped a few photos.

No, closed forever
The slide and hole for the pool are still there.

I walked back to the car and decided to go find a few geocaches my son had found without me. He and my wife were out of town, so off I went. My first stop was a cache along the Rivergreenway. My GPS pointed me a to mess of honeysuckles. I poked around there and was about to give up when I decided to look at the clue. The clue wouldn’t work where I was looking, but 30 feet or so away was a sign, and sure enough a tiny geocache was near the sign. I signed the log and went to the next cache. It was on the former Taylor University campus. Taylor’s main campus is in Upland, Indiana, but for several years it maintained a campus in Fort Wayne. I parked the car and quickly found the cache. From there, I drove to a cache that was in someone’s front yard. It’s the fourth such cache I’ve found.

I logged them with geocaching.com and had lunch.

I felt really good after the run. At no time did I feel as if I was laboring in my running as I had just a few weeks ago. I think my steady increase in the number of miles I’m running is working out. I know I’m still more than a month from my 20K run, but I think I’ll get there.


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