Dip in temperature

On Friday (Feb. 24), we hit a record high 71 degrees Fahrenheit in Fort Wayne. When my wife and I took our dog out for a walk in the morning, I mentioned that it was 70 degrees. My body seems to be able to tell the difference in the air when the temp hits 70.

The next day, when my son and I drove over to IPFW to grab a quick geocache before he went on an adventure with his Boy Scouts troop, our car said it was 31 degrees outside. What a difference a day makes and it’s a reminder that I live in Indiana and that it is still February.

Saturday, regardless of the temperature, my plan was to run 7 miles. I put on my running clothes, added an extra longsleeve tech shirt, added a pair of long running pants, found my hat and gloves and hit the road. I figured out how to run the previous week’s route and a add a mile to it at the beginning.

The wind was fairly strong, and snow fell off and on throughout. I saw no beavers this week, though I did see some Canada geese here and there. In fact, a I don’t recall seeing anyone else out on the route I ran. Yes, the Old Fort was having a bake sale, and I did see someone there when I stopped to use the bathroom. Even the ice rink at Headwaters Park was all closed up.

Historic Fort Wayne, aka the Old Fort, is a replica fort of one built circa 1816 near the confluence of the St. Joseph, St. Marys and Maumee rivers before Indiana became a state.

Winter had returned.

I felt good throughout the run, though by the end, my quads were letting me know they were tired. I never felt too cold, though I did feel too cold an hour or so later, when my son and I went to grab that geocache.

Speaking of geocaching, we decided to hit far south Fort Wayne on Friday, the 71-degree day. We grabbed a few along roads that dead end where Interstate 469 cut them off. We also decided to make a trip to Ohio. We stopped at a cemetery outside Payne, Ohio, made a find and went across the street to look for another. What we found was a cache about 10 feet off the ground in a tree. The tree wasn’t an ideal climbing tree and we didn’t have any kind of tool to get up there, so we let it be for now. I recorded at geocaching.com that I had visited that cache, but I cannot claim because I did not sign the log.

Cemeteries often have some of the neatest geocaches to find. They are always away from headstones and other grave markers, usually on the perimeter. 

We had planned to find some more geocaches in Ohio, but the sky started looking ominous, and we really didn’t want to get caught out in a thunderstorm, so we headed back to Fort Wayne. It was raining pretty hard while we drove down the state line road, but soon after we were back in Indiana, the rain let up then stopped. For the day, I found eight geocaches. My best day was 11 on Veterans Day. Some cachers find 200 or so on a single day, and I’ve heard of someone finding 1,000 on single day. I’m not sure how that is done.

My running plan this week is to run 4 miles tomorrow, another 4 on Thursday and then 9 on Saturday.


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