Fall half marathon

I started writing this blog last year after I struggled through two half marathons — the Great Smokey Mountains Half and the Fort4Fitness half marathon in Fort Wayne. Today, I signed up for the Oct. 14 Purdue Boilermaker Half Marathon. I plan to run a 10K on Sunday, then I must begin training in earnest.

I’m afraid if I don’t start training right away, I’ll let summer slip by and then by mid-September, I won’t have any worthy training and I’ll end up with a crappy race time and feeling miserable after the race, kicking myself mentally for not training.

I know West Lafayette, Indiana, has hills, so I’ll have to train for hills. The Nutri-run the Fort Wayne Running Club put on in March was plenty hilly, and I really wasn’t ready for them. I struggled late in the race. I need to run hills, and lots of them.

I also need to get the distance. Jeff Galloway suggests overdistancing. Ideally, I’d like to have one or two 15-mile runs beforehand. I’ll start with the 10K distance and go from there.

Also, I want to work on some speed. Seven weeks ago, a new dog came to live with us. He runs with me most of the time, and he forces me to run faster than I’m generally comfortable with. For at least one run a week, I’m going to have to step up the speed.

There it is. I’ll use this blog to keep you posted on my progress. I hope that by doing so, I keep up with my training.




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